Sir Kay

Sir Kay was the foster brother of King Arthur and son of Sir Ector in the romances of King Arthur. Arthur made Kay his seneschal (A steward in charge of the household or estate of a medieval lord or prince.)

Kay first appears in the early Welsh stories as Cei, Kai, Cai, or Gai, and his name is thought to be based on the Roman Caius. Thses chronicles depict Kay as Arthur's most trusted knights, along with Bedivere and Gawain. In later legends he becomes Arthur's foster brother. But by the time Excalibur became part of the Arthurian legend, the prominence of Kay had lessened (much as happened to Bedivere and Gawain). The character of Kay also begins to worsen in later tales, such as his claim to have pulled the sword from the stone. However he does continue to be portrayed as a constant and loyal companion of King Arthur.

Kay is supposed to have been based at Caer Gai, in Snowdonia (Caer Gai is just north of the town of Llanuwchllyn). This fort, originally a Roman Legionary base, was said to be the fortress of Kay. Today a seventeenth century farmhouse occupies the summit of this small hill, and little remains of any Roman walls or earthworks. The remains of what could have been a Roman wall can be seen in the farmyard.

Kay remains however one of the main Knights of the Round Table

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