King Arthur related sites in Central England

King Arthur does not appear in many folk legends connected with Central England. Most that do come up are, like Vinoconium, just over the modern Wales - England border. There are a number of other Arthurian sites just over the boder the other way in Wales.

Vinoconium just southeast of Shrewsbury near Wroxeter, was once the fourth largest city in Roman Britain on a major Roman Road, Watling Street.

Archeology shows that Viroconium does not appear to have been burned or laid waste in any battle, it just seems to have run down gradually. Given its location, Viroconium might well have been the most secure city in Britain in Arthurian times, and the infrastructure that existed could have attracted a ruler to make his headquarters there. It is certainly a possibility for King Arthur and Camelot.


King Arthur sites in Britain

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