King Arthur sites in Cornwall

Not surprisingly Cornwall claims to be the home of many King Arthur sites, from Tintagel place of King Arthur's birth to his death. Plus many reference to sites with Merlin connections.

Castle Dore is said to have been the chief residence of King Mark of Cornwall.

Dozmary Pool is found in an atmospheric setting high on Bodmin Moor south of the Cornish town of Bolventor. According to local tradition, it was here that Sir Bedivere finally threw Excalibur.

Killibury Castle in some legends is believed to be Kelliwic, which plays an integral role in the Battle of Camlann.

Loe Pool s located south of the town of Porthleven on Mounts Bay, Cornwall. Tennyson may have had Loe Pool in mind when he wrote his lines on Arthur's death.

Lyonesse There is a legend of the lost lands off the coast of Cornwall, between Land's End and the Scillies. The Land of Lyonesse. Lyonesse was said to have been ruled by Tristan's father.

Merlin's Cave, Tintagel Set below Tintagel Castle, local legend has long associated this cave with Merlin and King Arthur.

Roche Rock is one of a number of sites around Cornwall that are linked with the lovers, Tristan and Isolde. It is a massive outcrop of granite near Bugle in Cornwall, on which is perched the remains of a fifteenth-century chapel.

Slaughter Bridge is just north of the Cornish town of Camelford. The putative battle site of Camlann, where King Arthur faced his last battle, is in the grounds of Worthyvale Manor

Tintagel Castle, home of King Arthur is on the north coast of Cornwall, set high on cliffs overlooking the sea, and is the legendary site of where King Arthur was born.

Really from early Welsh chronicles to the present day, Cornwall has been closely tied with King Arthur, and many of the Arthurian sites today are here.

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