King Arthur Legendary Characters

Various colourful characters are sprinkled through the King Arthur legends. Here are a handful of the better known, and there are links to fuller information about each.

King Arthur and his Horse Welsh chronicles mention two names of horses owned by King Arthur.

Bran Bran is an ancient Welsh hero, the son of Llyr, and is sometimes portrayed as an ancestor of King Arthur.

King Arthur, his Guinevere , queen to King Arthur, is best known for her role in toppling Camelot by her affairs with other men.

Huail An early account, written in the early twelfth century, has King Arthur is wounded in the thigh in a fight with Huail

Lady of the Lake The Lady of the Lake originally gave King Arthur Excalibur and then took it back when Bedivere threw it back into the lake

Lady of Shalot Elaine of Astolat is the woman who dies of unrequited love for Lancelot

Mark of Cornwall King Mark's associations with Cornwall are strong and he may well have been an historical monarch in the area during the early 6th century.

Merlin the magician is the creation of Geoffrey of Monmouth,

Mordred Mordred has become the villain in the Arthurian legends. Described as nephew of King Arthur by some, and by others as the bastard son of King Arthur by his half-sister Morgause, the wife of King Lot

Morgan le Fay Earlier sources show her as a healer, but with the passage of time she evolves into a more witchlike character, scheming to get rid of King Arthur

Morganeuse wife of Lot, King of Orkney. She has a minor, but important role in King Arthur legend, and is frequently blurred with her more infamous sister, Morgan le Fay.

Uther Pendragon, father of King Arthur In legend, Uther Pendragon was brother to Ambrosius and became King of Britain on his brother's death. He is the father of King Arthur.

Vivien Vivien is the woman who entombs Merlin in a cave or a tree. Although Merlin can foresee his own fate, he is unable to prevent himself being captivated by her and and then walled up by her.

Vortigern Vortigern could have ruled Britain during the early to mid 400s, having grabbed the British throne from Constantine, the father of Ambrosius Aurelianus and Uther Pendragon.

The knights of King Arthur are listed on the Knights of the Round Table

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