King Arthur - Sites in Northern England

Alderley Edge The town of Alderley Edge is south of Manchester, near Wilmslow. There is a rock with an old man's face carved in it and a stone trough on the ground. Also a cave legend concerning Merlin, King Arthur and his knights.

Bamburgh Castle Bamburgh Castle is reputed to be Lancelot's fortress Joyous Guard by Malory . Bamburgh Castle existed as early as 547, a time that would allow an King Arthur connection. However it is more probable that Malory knew the area and wove the castle into his story.

Brougham Castle A Roman fort was originally on this site, but there is little evidence to link Brougham Castle with King Arthur

Camboglanna The Roman fort at Camboglanna on Hadrian's Wall is a candidate for the final battle of King Arthur at Camlann. It is apparently only the similarity of Camlann with Camboglanna that links it to King Arthur.

Pendragon Castle Pendragon Castle is in Cumbria, four miles south of Kirkby Stephen. The local folk lore links it the father of King Arthur, Uther Pendragon. Pendragon Castle's only mention in King Arthur literature is in Thomas Malory's Morte D'Arthur and no clues are given as to its location.

Penrith Penrith is in Cumbria in northern England. There is a ruined castle with a local King Arthur legend associated with it,

References to King Arthur in Northern England are therefore seen to be fairly scattered

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