Alderley Edge and King Arthur Legend

The town of Alderley Edge is south of Manchester, near Wilmslow. There is a rock with an old man's face carved in it and a stone trough on the ground. Under it is written "rink of this and take thy fill, for the water falls by the wizard's will".This is the site of the cave legend association with Alderly Edge.

At Alderley Edge there is supposed to be a concealed cave within the rock behind the old man's face, and King Arthur and his knights wait for the time when Britain needs return. One knight does not have a horse. Merlin stops a man who is on his way to town to sell a horse. The wizard offers to buy it for the horseless knight. Merlin takes the man inside the cave and offers him all the treasure he can carry in exchange for his horse. The man agrees and no one has seen the cave since.

Cave legends (such as Alderley Edge) play a part in the lore of Cadbury and the round table at Bryn-Rhyd-yr-Arian.

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