Bryn-Rhyd-yr-Arian- The Northern Welsh Round Table

The small town of Bryn-Rhyd-yr-Arian is hidden away in the mountains of North Wales. There is not an aweful lot to link the site to King Arthur

John Leland, in his travels in the 16th century describes this Round Table--"There is in the paroch of Llansannan in the side of a stony hille a place where ther be 24. holes or places in a roundel for men to sitte in, but sum lesse and sum bigger, cutte out of the mayne rok by mannes hand, and there childern and young men cumming to seke their catelle use to sitte and play. Sum caulle it the round table. Kiddes use ther communely to play and skip from sete to sete."

A local Welsh book entitled Llansannan Parish - It's Myths published in 1910, has the following "cave legend". "Arthur's table stands on the land of Plas Isaf (the name of the farm), on Tryfan Mountain less than quarter of a mile from the farm house. A long time ago it was said that if you would dig around the rock which is called Arthur's table you will come to a door or entrance which led into a large room. In this room there was a large quantity of silver plates, but to confirm entrance to the room, the first person had to die by the hand of a sharp sword which fell from behind the door, after this, the room was open to anyone so they could take the silver plates."

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