Arthur's Cave near Monmouth, South Wales

Arthur's Cave is just a few miles north of Monmouth, at the bottom of the southeast slope of the Little Doward Hill. This cave can actually be explored. Most of the others Arthurian legend caves are usually either completely hidden, or only open occasionally. The history of inhabitation of this cave is older than any other Arthurian site, the first people to live there during the Old Stone Age.

The cave has several large, open rooms. One of them is a large, circular room about 25 feet in diameter. Could this have held a Round Table?

It has been said that the cave's "recesses penetrate very far into the hill, and could hide a substantial force". But it does appear to have very little in historical fact.

As with Cadbury Castle it is a cave within a hillfort. The cave is near the Iron Age fort of Little Doward, which has a Vortigern death story associated with it in which the fort catches fire when Ambrosius lays siege to it and Vortigern dies in the flames.

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