Llyn Ogwen. North Wales

The mountain of Tryfan, deep in Snowdonia is said to be the burial site of Sir Bedivere. It is one of the few sites associated with him alone. Below the mountain is Llyn Ogwen. Llyn Ogwen is in Snowdonia National Park in northern Wales and is about ten miles west of Betws-y-Coed and is only about ten miles from Llyn Llydaw.

Llyn Ogwen is one of the two putative locations for the resting place of Excalibur in the Snowdonian mountains. And strangely these two candidates are less than ten miles from each other.

Having such as strong tie with Sir Bedivere reinforces the Llyn Ogwen claim to being Excaliur's final resting place. And because Llyn Ogwen is more accessible than Llyn Llydaw, Llyn Ogwen the more likely lake of these two for Excalibur to have ended up in..

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