Drumelzier in Scotland and King Arthur Connections

Drumelzier is a small town in the Borders area of Scotland. In the King Arthur legend associated with Drumelzier, Merlin is portrayed as a wild prophet of the woods. He has been equated with the Scottish prophet named Lailoken in the 12th century work Life of St. Kentigern. Two stories in this work tell of the death of Lailoken near the River Tweed.

The wild man killed a lot of men in battle and is condemned by a voice from Heaven to wander the woods until he dies. He prophesied his own death, saying that he would be cudgeled, pierced, and drowned. This unlikely set of circumstances occurs when shepherds of King Meldred beat him, which causes him to fall into the River Tweed and was run through by a stake in the water.

Merlin's Grave at Drumelzier is today modestly marked by a thorn tree near where the Pausayl burn meets the River Tweed. At the base of the tree was a plaque put there by the town of Drumelzier marking "the wizard Merlin's grave." The sign also said that this was not the original tree. That had been washed away by a flood at Drumelzier in the late 1920's.

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