Meigle, Scotland - Guinevere's Grave

Meigle is in mid-Scotland north of Perth.

In Meigle churchyard, there is a plaque identifying a mound as "Vanora's Mound," the grave of Guinevere. Local legend at Meigle maintains that Guinevere made her way to Scotland after the death of King Arthur and changed her name to Vanora or Ganore (meaning wanderer). Although she changed her name, she did not change her lustful ways. The Meigle townsfolk disliked her morals and killed her.

Another legend, related by Boece, has her abducted (not unwillingly) by Mordred, who takes her to Barry Hill near the town of Alyth. Arthur takes his wife back and has her torn apart by wild horses as punishment for her adultery.

There are various accounts of Guinevere's last days. Some have her becoming a nun at either The Mound's Marker at Amesbury or Caerleon. Still others maintain that she was buried with her husband at Glastonbury.

Certainly there is a local legend at Meigle linking Guinevere to a grave, but it is not clear why she would have wended he way to this location.

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