Stirling, Scotland in King Arthur Legend

The Stirling Round Table, also known as the King's Knot, sits in a field below the western side of Stirling castle, in land that was once a royal garden. The ornate King's Knot is all that remains of those gardens. In the centre of the Knot is a flat-topped central mound that is about 45 feet in diameter and about 6 feet high. The Knot itself dates from the 1620's. The center mound, however, is thought to be older than the rest of the Knot.

William of Worcester said in 1478 that "King Arthur kept the Round Table at Stirling Castle" and Sir David Lindsay, the 16th century Scottish poet, said that Stirling Castle is the home of the "Chapell-royall, park, and Tabyll Round" (qtd. in Ashe, Traveller's Guide). Where they got their assertations from is not certain.

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